“Intern With Us and Help Save Lives.”

Our organization gives the opportunity to the young minds to create change by interning with us. As an NSS intern, you can work with different functions based on your interest and suitability. Your ideas will be encouraged and grow for a change. Eligibility criteria:

➡18 years and above.
A minimum of 4 weeks should be able to contribute.
➡Should be passionate about bringing change in society especially for children and women

If any of you are interested to intern with us then step one step ahead and join our hands to make it a better India. FILL IN THE FORM on this page and we will contact you soon.


“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, What are you doing for others?”
- Martin Luther King. Jr.

Thousands and thousands of women and children of our country are deprived of their basic rights. So many women in our country do not get their rights and girl child are killed even before they are born. There are girl children who are not allowed to study or live their life of their own. Our organization looks after those women and girl children, women are empowered and taught to stand on their own feet whereas children are given complete academic education. An inevitable contribution to this cause comes from the persistent efforts of the NNS volunteers. NNS offers a diverse range of volunteering opportunities. The volunteers understand the need to get involved with this cause. Through these, the volunteers can not only contribute towards the betterment of women and children but also undergo a transformational journey for the volunteers.

Work with us

“We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.”
-Winston Churchill

Are you looking for a dynamic career where you can make an impact in our society? If you are looking for working in community development then join our amazing chain. Nothing can be more satisfactory other than contributing to our society for a better world. Our organization will help you fulfil your dreams and you will help us build a better tomorrow for all those women and children who desperately want us to support them abundantly. Your service will bring a change in our society, so if you are interested then drop your “resume” in the Email ID that is provided below; we will get in touch with you soon.  


"NNS was my first work place where I was able to grow professionally and learnt a lot about child rights. The organization has the perfect balance between Corporate and Government style of working, thus giving professionals the opportunity of understanding both sectors. They are one of the few NGOs in Barak Valley, and probably in Assam, who upholds high standards of work, give value to the suggestions made by employees in improving themselves further"

Sumedha Choudhury 

Project Manager/Coordinator 
Specialized Adoption Agency Nivedita Nari Sangshta 

NNS has always been supported by volunteers who have time to give from their busy schedules. If you too are willing to join us, you can volunteer with us through event organizations, public awareness, fundraising activities, provide private lessons on their curriculum, cultural activities, games, etc. to our Children. You can visit our campus to find out more about volunteering opportunities in NNS or write to us at [email protected].